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This online evidence - based course was developed in 2009 to support practitioners in treating some of the most costly aspects of dementia care. The health (i.e. multi-morbidities / medications ) component was updated in 2018. It is aimed at staff / practitioners supporting people with dementia and families. It is not intended for use by people with dementia or families. The term ‘challenging behaviour’ does not imply ‘misbehaviour’ that can undermine dignity in people living with a dementia. It has been used to reflect the health and psychosocial need(s) of people with dementia that ‘hands-on-staff’ and family carers can have significant difficulty in responding to.


Module 2 teaches staff to respond in situ to communicate with a person with dementia during a challenging interaction; Module 3 assists practitioners of all disciplines to structure their assessments / observations to detect the causes of ‘behavioural challenges’; and to then offer personalised health and psychosocial support for unmet need(s) in a given situation. It also reminds staff to seek appropriate professional help in reviewing past responses that may not now be relevant (e.g. antipsychotics / other psychotropic drugs / drug interactions in cases of multi-morbidity / frailty / delirium ).

Staff from care homes and health and social care practitioners who have used this e-learning course between 2019 and 2020 provided feedback using the survey. We have extracted some of their comments below: